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Favourite genre of music: Rap
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Goku
  • Listening to: You da best I ever had
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Kamen rider or Bleach
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: water
Name: Yin Izumi

Titles/Aliases: Sliver Blade

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Academy Student

Positions: Swordsmen in-training

Hidden Village: Arashigakure

Clan: Izumi

Kekkei Genkai: Velvetz: Allows the user 20% increased speed and use of Lightning Element chakra
And Wind Element Chakra users that have become more experience with this technique have speed comparable to a lightning bolt and control the lightning and Wind as if he had made them themselves.

Strengths: Taijutsu and Chakra-augmented attacks

Weakness: Genjutsu and high-level ninjutsu

Likes: Working out and resting

Dislikes: Gossiping and liers

Appearance: wears a black shirt and pants and he is bout 5'7 with long black hair red eyes a scar the shape of a fang under his eye,and life taker on the back of his shirt.

Personality: A lone Hardworker which strives to be the strongest

Shinobi Tools & Equipment: (Kunaix25) (Shurikenx50) (Senbonx30) (Demon Windmill Shurikenx5)

Jutsus: Juha: Reppushou - Beast Wave: Gale Wind Palm Range: Close (0m ~ 5m): He acquired This move while training in the mountains high-above ground while a glorious wind current was coming through.

Juha: Shou - Beast Wave: Palm Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m): He acquired This move while training in the mountains high-above ground while a glorious wind current was coming through.

Reppushou - Gale Wind Palm: Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m): He acquired This move while training in the mountains high-above ground while a glorious wind current was coming through.

Chakra Type: Tai

Chakra Level:

Relations: Yakumo Izumi 15 female,Cousin,  Yajiro Izumi 17,Male,Brother

History: Yin is a rising ninja in his village. He learning the way of the ninja fast and his skills improve daily. He strives to leave the academy as soon as possible and become a genin to get
Serious. He trains everyday waiting to receive his ninja headband. He does what he can everyday training til he cant. Also helping when he can.

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Name : Zenkaito Genraki

Actual Age : 17

Gender : Male

General Appearance : Hair: White

Eyes: Black

Complexion: brown

Clothes: silk black and white clothes with death dealer written on the back in japanese and armor plates over is chest & shoulders.

Personality : A lone Hardworker which strives to be the strongest
By any means necessary.

Strength's and Weakness :

History : Zenkaito has no idea where his hollow side came from or when it decided to show up but once he had went to fight some hollows for fun and a menos had appeared for some odd reason which he didn’t know he charged it head on and and the menos fired off an cero so large it would have engulfed him he didn’t know what to do then suddenly something came over his body and a mask started to form itself over his face and fired a cero that went through the middle of that the menos had fired through it’s mouth the menos dissolved and disappeared afraid of what was happening he ran and secluded himself in the mountains to learn to control it he has now came a long way and can control it to an extent he seems almost ready to leave that place and become one with life once again.


Name : ZenJochugiko

Spirit Appearance : a Flaming Hawk

Sealed State : a regular zanpakuto with long gold thread
Shikai (Initial Release) Appearance : A Gold blade enscribed with a blood seal

Shikai Ability : It burns whatever it may come in contact with besides Zenkaito and it is circled by three different flames of different color to lever of heat starting with a Blue flame next being Black and last being White which can be shot from the blade.

Bankai Name: Zenjochukiken

Bankai (Full Release) Appearance : Zenjochugiko & Zenkaito Transform into a Blue Black and White Phoenix

Bankai Abilities : upon touch it will instantly burn to a crisp whatever it touches it can be stopped but only by a force equal to hurricane winds.

Vizard Add-On

Mask Apperance : the mask has gold colored inscriptions and spikes that go straight back hanging behind his neck.

Mask Abilities : Raises Zenkaito's resistance to pain plus moderate regeneration and four times his normal strength and three times his normal speed

Mask Skills: Fiendish Flame: Zenkaito drives his
blade into the ground and the blades sends
streams of blaze burrowing at the target. Range
1.5-6.0 meters
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back again everyone
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